Friday, June 1, 2012

Recycling/Repurposing Rocks!

It's time for another Use It or Lose It Challenge! This time we are repurposing things. I have had my hands on these little boxes for a while, and had the idea in my head for just as long, but never put the two together. The box is a slide box, for holding the glass slides that you use with a microscope....we use a ton of them at work and just chuck them out. So I salvaged :)For my mom.....She's amazing. An old paper pack that I wasn't too thrilled about but had to have, lol,(Bliss?)
This technique came from Shelley Hickox here. I loved this idea and have a ton of these candles from IKEA. What do you think? It's a simple gift and can be personalized any old way you like.
a bit of bling and then the surprise.
I tried to close up on the bling flower, but my camera is fact is dead as I write this :(. I used chocolate ribbon scraps, a crocheted flower, a button bling and the pin stick. I stamped the super mom from a SOTM that I had never opened. It fit perfectly on that metal accent piece that came with the white flower. All CTMH stuff that has been languishing in my embellishment drawer.