Sunday, January 31, 2016

Challenge Number One

Challenge Number One

I'm on my way with Wanderlust..... I had thought that I would fall way behind as I hadn't had time to watch any videos or craft at all in January. It was on my horizon that Deco Art had set up a challenge that ends 'gasp' today! I dropped my housework, all the laundry and the little voice in my head and hit my studio :). I created a journal entry using Kazia's prompts and the quote "That which you are most afraid of doing may be that which finally sets you free".

As I  frantically tried to clean an area off my desk, moving art supplies, paper, old projects, etc the thought came to me that :( I might own too many things??? Too much artsy stuff??? NO WAY!. but really it's taking up my time to just find a space to put it so I can create...maybe I need to downsize? Or use up? Or share?? It's something to ponder.....

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