Tuesday, February 3, 2009

100 things that make me happy

I challenged a friend to a scrapbook layout of 100 things that make you happy...I challenge any of you that read this to do this as well...even if you are strictly a card'ie....make a list and scrap it..I will try to upload mine,if I ever get it done, lol, I seem to be making a habit of getting photos down and not finishing the layout with the final touches or title, etc....I am trying to go back over completed pages and actually finish them up!

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  1. I cannot believe I get to be the first follower on your blog!!! I found you from a post you made in the TJ group. I do not have a blog and do not get as much done as I would like as I am caring for my hubby who has dementia and we just moved in October so a lot of my stuff is still in boxes. I have to unpack most of the stuff by myself soooo it may someday get done!!! But, in the meantime I have a good excuse to buy some new stuff to use! Where are you in Canada? I am in Washington, USA.


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