Monday, April 26, 2010

Challenge for Copic Junkies (photo to follow)

am so scatterbrained lately.......but somehow realized that I was due for a challenge. So welcome all this week to the challenge of woodgrains with copics. Here's a link I found helpful

and a quick run down of how
1. Start with your lightest brown (likely E33 in my case) and just colour in straight lines, leaving it kinda streaky
2. Using your middle brown (E37) streak in the direction of the wood grain, leaving lots of lighter brown showing
3 Using your darkest marker (E39) or E47 for me :) add in very little, quick streaks for the cracks in the boards
4. Go over it streakily with the lightest marker again.
Get brave and add in knotholes and cracks.

I have a pic coloured, but can't seem to get around to mounting it. I keep colouring instead, help.....I have a stack of coloured images that I haven't finished, lol.....I need a quiet day at home, no kids!

Happy colouring,
Connie Willis

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