Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahhh, time to finish while Thomas Paints!

 Distraction, ahhhh :)
This is an older project...January...but I forgot to post it. Eat cake graphics and Copic coloured, I made a snowball fight revival kit for a thank you gift for my husband to give. If you look closely you will see a bit of sky colour...that is Thomas' contribution...artist in training, lol.
 This project I fell in love with in the store....sigh...I love Batik and turquoise....and the two together....bliss! Ha, So I and my sewing machine embarked on a project together. Now, I don't get along with my sewing machine as a rule....I get frustrated and it makes funny noises....GRRRR, so this Project from November was finished today and my machine is going back for repairs at Wool'n'Things...AGAIN!!!
This is a quick shot of the inside :)   More sewing adventures to come as I try my hand at a simple quilt for Ben ;)

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