Monday, February 28, 2011

My latest projects....Scrappy, Sewing and More

 This is Ben's first snow angel, he asked me to share it, lol...we have had such mild weather that we are outside every day playing on the pond.
 A few of my homemade flowers from coffee filters (not the brown one) For directions follow my sidebar link to the fabulously artsy blog and check out her TV series! I will teach these soon at our classes :) The box is an old slide box I rescued from work and refurbished with the Magnifique paper from CTMH and the 'a little thanks' stamp set.
 And then filled with goodies ;)
Ben and Tom's snowmen....which promptly melted the next day in the rain....and Pal ate the nose from Tom's :o...wish I could have captured that on film, lmbo!
This is Tom blocking the camera so I can't show you the rest, lol....I will be back after I distract him!

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