Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breaking in to Mixed Media

This is why I'm not blogging much! I was procrastinating one night and dabbled on this book cover, my first venture into mixed media. I rather like it, but blogger wont' let me rotate it :). I am studying for Oncology and I am nearly done, H'ray! I cut the globe from TH die, bought at the Funkie Junkie, the heart is cut from an old popcan that I flattened and coloured with alcohol inks (thank you Linda, the Funkie Junkie :)) and the tag with the word study on it is one of the thank you tags from Linda, flipped over, embossed with the script folder and the chipboard letters mounted on it.  I tried my hand at plaster, but I'm not satisfied with the way it worked on the leaves stencil (again Funkie Junkie!) I need to enter this in the FunkieJunkie Sunday share as I used way more than I thought from that shop, lol. You can't see the key to the cardboard heart, it seems to have blended into the burlap ribbon from close to my heart.  I stole it off a SPAM can that my husband had taken hunting.

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