Monday, April 1, 2013

Girl's Cruise

I went on a Girls Cruise, late Feb, early March. I recommend this to anyone....the girls part, not the cruise :P
I was rocking and rolling on land for the week after I got off the ship, even though I was fine aboard! It was rejuvenating to spend time being a girl, not a mom, not a nurse, not a  wife...Just ME!  Loved it, will do it again. I promised no people pictures, lol, so you get scenery. On the art side of things, I have stuff to get into albums, a vase of sand that I collected and I joined an art class, so I will try to remember to take pictures before I gave away my gifts. I am practicing on canvas for the first time, mixed media and sketching, Yoikes!

St Thomas, I scuba dived, sorta and snorkeled, which I loved

The Bahamas
 The Bahamas - I was seasick :(
Puerto Rico, a beautiful country, friendly people and a place I will visit again.
A beach full of these shells, breathtaking!

the ship from the beautiful beach on Grand Turk
The CN tower from the air, HOME AGAIN!

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  1. Dropping by to say hello and Thanks for stopping by my blog for the TJNL Blog Hop. Oh that cruise looks delightful...I have done just one...and I was the same way- OK on the boat and sea wobbles for about a week off the boat.


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