Monday, April 29, 2013

How'd you like those eggs?

So this is my egg sketch turned canvas. I liked it right up until I pulled out my black sketch marker and put lines on it :( Is there anyway to fix that? My poor eggs are too busy looking now.

I started out with paper collaging on a collection of scraps and white washing them. I then cut out my tree, crackle painted it and glued it down. Very cool texture,almost barkl ike, yehhhh. I used flower soft to create a haze of green on the end of the branch, with more texture and then the nest......
I was outside on the not yet green grass drinking my morning cuppa when inspiration hit. I gathered twigs up and mod podged them right onto my canvas in a nest shape. I then added my egg shapes from my sketch and some ribbon scrap from a FunkieJunkie boutique order(part of the thank you gift Linda tucks in each order, which is entirely reusable :). I smudged green, blue and brown paint randomly on the canvas before I brought out that horrid marker and wrecked it.
I think I need to revisit this subject in the future, but I am ready for my lambs! We spent a few hours at my uncles sheep farm and took TONS of pictures for that project.

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