Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Art of Spring

I signed up for a course on mixed media called 'The Art of Spring" with Junelle Jacobsen (christy tomlinsons art workshops :) ). Today, a slushy, melty kinda day after a late spring storm left my boys and I in an arty kind of mood, so I managed to create a few canvas's as did they......I am going to be short with the details as, you too, could take the course, but.......
This is my first ever canvas.  I followed Junelle pretty much exactly, as I was terrified when I started. I confess that it seems too busy for me. The blue birds were painted on by my eldest son when I was almost done and I love what they add to the canvas.  The orange scarf was a piece of my watercolour play from the first lesson. Many of my veggies ended up on my small slide boxes as spring welcoming gifts for my aunties.
This is a 3*3 small, originally a slide box from the lab at work. I created a number of these but didn't take pictures. I loved this little bunny the best. It is all done with acrylic paint and marker. The pink bits are leftover dried paint that I shook on while the Mod Podge is damp.
This is my eldest sons artwork from this afternoon, as I painted. He painted this on a pre primed canvas with my acrylics, all from memory. It now hangs in his room.

This is my youngest sons work. He loves to draw/sketch houses and the goings on inside the houses, in this, I have a greenhouse with flowers growing and it is nighttime. My youngest is the director of the art committee for his SK class. They have created an art gallery that is really something to see. The school is considering a grapejuice and cheese open house to show it off. I will have to post some pic's if I can get there :).

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  1. Aren't we all nervous when we start something new? I recently have been playing more with mixed media and new techniques, both fun and challenging! Your canvas is fabulous and I love the spring feel! How fun that your boys also joined in with their own crafty style! Enjoy the week!


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