Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pencil Drawings -Ducks

 I have had fun with this challenge from Junelle in the Art of Spring lesson. We needed to draw ducks in our journals and then watercolour them. I am a chicken (no pun intended) when it comes to watercolouring, but I will share my results when I get brave enough to try. These are faint and sideways, thanks to my lack of photoediting software right now, but I hope you can see what I have accomplished.
 Lots of ducklings. I love my ducklings, I raised them as a little girl. I had a pet that followed me everywhere one summer.

This is my favourite :)

Cute Duckling waddling through the daisy field.
This is my youngest sons drawings in my art journal. I love the birds and his free form trees. I won't be gessoing over these ones :)
 this is the inspiration for my drawing that I am going to paint. Aren't they cute?

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